Day 4: Struggling

I woke up this morning to rain….and pain from my hips down. It happens when low pressure and nasty weather hit. Didn’t make the awesome W30 quiche I was planning to, just downed a couple of hardboiled eggs and went to work. Seeing an opportunity, the little voice I used to listen to creeped up from the dark corner of my mind I’ve banished it to and set to work. “A milkshake would make you feel better….ice cream ALWAYS makes you feel better. You’re hurting…you deserve a little something sweet.”

I have been fighting this voice since 8:00 this morning. Took a coffee break and grabbed a 20 oz H2O, 16 oz java, some steamed broccoli and carrots, and an orange. Took some Aleve, so the pain is ebbing, finally. Starting to feel a bit better. But I may go to bed early tonight just to shut that damn voice up…

….ended up managing to keep that voice quiet for the rest of the day!!! Took a couple Aleve with a gigantic black coffee and the pain went away too. Lunch was a sweet Piña Colada chicken salad over spinach. Sooooo easy and versatile. I’m sure I’m not the first W30 Challenger to do this, but here’s my recipe (I made enough for my work lunches for the week):

– 3 10 oz. cans of chicken in WATER (read your labels-no soy!!!
– Shred that nice and fine with a fork
– Mix in about 1/4 cup coconut milk (the Thai Kitchen brand is devine!!)
– Mix in 1 medium granny smith apple, chopped.
– Throw a few slivered almonds on top
– A serving is roughly a cup on top of a big bed of fresh baby spinach. Or another leafy green of your choosing.


Super easy, portable, and versatile. Just make the chicken and coconut base up and add different yummies every day to switch it up. One of these days I’m going to experiment with this W30/Paleo mayo recipe, for a more traditional chicken (and tuna!) salad so I can add celery and eggs… OOOHHHH!!!! EGG SALAD!!!! Sorry. Blog ADD.

Water was 10 oz short today, only 60. But snacking was to a nice minimum, and I never felt hungry. Dinner was a basic burger on the grill…93% lean. Not because I’m watching the fat (obviously), but because that’s what was on sale. Some olive oil sautéed green beans and a horseradish-mustard sauce made me a happy girl.


I’m **really** wanting to give these W30 banana muffins, but I’m forcing myself to get a week in before I allow that. I’d like for them to be a sort of reward for going to the gym before work again. And that hasn’t happened yet, so the muffins aren’t happening yet. Shooting for Saturday. We’ll see….

Oh, here are my kids, wondering where their yummy burgers are….



Good night, Mom. (I’m pretty sure you’re the only one who reads this) *<3*

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Struggling

  1. John vanhusen

    Keep going buddy! I know you are stronger than that voice in your head!

  2. Congratulations on resisting the call of the milkshake! Congrats, too, taking on the Whole30. Thanks for the link to my mayo recipe — hope you try it… it’s super tasty and versatile. Happy Whole30-ing!

  3. John vanhusen

    Your mom reads it evsryday and enjoys every bit of it! Supper looked super too!

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